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BBC World Service Adds New Music, Programs

New programs are designed to highlight cultural events around the world, says broadcaster

The BBC World Service has announced a new slate of music, arts and factual programs that are scheduled to begin this fall.

According to the broadcaster, the new factual program, “The Compass,” will offer a platform to cover topics in detail from around the world. “With a narrative arc across the weeks,” each series will focus on “new and essential things of the 21st century,” it says.

Some of the first series that will air on The Compass include “Waithood,” a look at the changing timetable of adulthood, “Local Warming,” a series on climate change in the run-up to the Paris Climate conference, “America in Black and White,” focusing on race relations in the U.S., and “My Perfect Country,” which spotlights on social and technological change worldwide.

In addition, “The Cultural Frontline” makes an entry as the BBC World Service’s new arts program. This program will receive reports from around the world on how the arts are affecting that area’s culture.

For music, BBC World Service and BBC Music have combined to produce three new monthly programs: “BBC Music on the World Service with Cerys Matthews,” “Music Extra,” and “BBC Introducing.”