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BBC World Service Radio Expands in West Africa

BBC content added to stations in Cameroon, Guinea and Niger

Listeners in Cameroon, Guinea and Niger will now have access to BBC World Service programs as the broadcaster has announced its expansion into those West African countries. Cameroon’s Radio Nostalgie, Guinea’s Bolivar FM and Niger’s Radio Gaskia will now feature French, Hausa and English versions of the BBC Afrique edition of BBC’s “Global Newsbeat” bulletins.

All three stations will also carry “BBC Matin,” a daily news and current affairs program; weekly news, current affairs, culture and sports review programs “Le Grand Reportage,” “Le Magazine de la Culture” and “Chronique Foot.” Audience-participation programs “A vous l’antenne” and “Le Club BBC” are also part of the new programming.

Bolivar FM will offer English-language programs, including “La leçon d’Anglais par la radio,” which teaches English, and the English-language “Focus on Africa” daily news program. Radio Gaskia will offer Hausa-speaking programs like “Shirin Safe,” “Shirin Hantsi,” “Shirin Rana” and “Shirin Dare.”

BBC World Services is already present in Guinea on 93.9 FM in Conakry and 93.9 FM in Labé and in Niamey in Niger on 100.4 FM, while also rebroadcast by partner stations Anfani FM, Saraounia FM and R&M FM. Cameroon stations 98.4 FM in Yaoundé, 101.3 FM in Douala, 95.7 FM in Bamenda and 94.4 FM in Garoua broadcast BBC programs, while Radio Star in Bafoussam and Kalak FM in Yaoundé rebroadcast BBC Afrique programming.