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BBG Touts 9/11 Commission Endorsement

BBG Touts 9/11 Commission Endorsement

The body that supervises U.S. overseas broadcasters welcomes an endorsement from the 9/11 commission. The Broadcasting Board of Governors oversees Voice of America and Radio Sawa and other U.S. international broadcasters.
The BBG board has called attention to the new report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.
“On page 377 of its report, the 9/11 commission made the following recommendation: ‘Recognizing that Arab and Muslim audiences rely on satellite television and radio, the government has begun some promising initiatives in television and radio broadcasting to the Arab world, Iran and Afghanistan. These efforts are beginning to reach large audiences.’
“The report said the BBG has asked for more money, and should get it.”
The BBG’s annual budget is approximately $550 million. The board has been criticized by some VOA staffers for cutting back English-language programming and for alleged journalistic policy changes.