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BE Adds ‘Dashboard’ Feature to HD-R Importer

BE Adds 'Dashboard' Feature to HD-R Importer

Broadcast Electronics has added a software upgrade to its HD Radio Importer line. The new “Dashboard” interface enables customers using the IDi 20 Data Importer to encode and split their digital signals for multicasting.
BE will begin shipping IDi 20 Data Importers with Dashboard version 1.2.0 immediately.
Intuitive menuing and automated re-start are two of the new features. The supplier said a common complaint among early multicasters has been on-air continuity, in particular relaunching importer functions should a power or other transmission failure occur. The Dashboard has a click-and-go startup feature that can be accessed remotely through a network or Internet connection.
A default TCP/IP communication link between the IDi 20 and an FSi 10 HD Radio signal generator is part of the upgrade; BE says this improves system robustness and reduces network packet losses typical of earlier UDP communications.
Broadcasters can update IDi 20 units in the field with Dashboard and update their FSi 10 HD Radio signal generators with the default TCP/IP link (v2.2.5) at no charge by contacting BE’s customer service via e-mail to [email protected] or (217) 224-4700.