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BE Bumps Up Customer Care Plan

Repair and replacement discounts, expansion of support included

Broadcast Electronics has modified its repair and warranty offerings with a new “Customer Care Plan.”

The company promises faster response times, more economical fees and greater overall support as a result.

A new fee structure for non-warranty repairs establishes a one-time evaluation fee per repair, and the first hour of labor free. Previously BE charged a flat rate for non-warranty repair of RF gear.

Also new is an additional discount on repair parts up to 25%, and a replacement policy for older, non-fixable BE gear or equipment damaged beyond repair by fire, vandalism or other causes. “Under this new replacement policy,” it stated, “BE customers can now be assured that BE gear beyond repair can be replaced with the same or another BE product of similar function for a fraction of the cost of a new unit.”

And the company said it is enhancing its free 24/7 support in an attempt to solve more problems via phone rather than requiring a product to be returned to the factory, “in particular diagnosing issues down to the subassembly level.” It also is offering extended one-year warranties on RF gear in addition to the standard three-month warranty.

Affected by this new plan are all BE RF products.