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BE Demos IBOC at First Public European Event

BE Demos IBOC at First Public European Event

Broadcast Electronics says a Swiss station purchased one of the supplier’s HD Radio transmission systems and took part in the first public demo of IBOC in Europe.
Proponents say the IBOC installation has broad implications for the technology overseas.
The purchase by station 88 Radio Sunshine concludes several months of HD Radio testing in mountainous Switzerland, where FMs are spaced 100 kHz apart on the dial, BE stated.
The supplier said the system was put into service in April and presented at HD Radio Days in Lucerne this week as the first public demo of HD Radio in Europe. Participants experienced HD Radio under various conditions including a trip through the Alps on a bus fitted with HD Radio.
BE quoted Markus Ruoss, principal owner of the station, saying the system exceeded technical expectations despite the terrain.
Ibiquity Digital President/CEO Robert Struble called the installation “just the start of HD Radio technology’s impact on broadcasting around the world.”
A BE official described a “huge ripple affect” for adoption of HD Radio in other countries.