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BE: Exciter Software Notable for Synchronous FMs

BE: Exciter Software Notable for Synchronous FMs

Among the products from Broadcast Electronics at the upcoming NAB Radio Show is a software upgrade to its FXi digital FM exciter.
The company put out a statement from Richard Hinkle, its director of RF engineering, saying the upgrade makes it possible to calibrate audio levels within a fraction of a decibel, and calling this an important development for synchronous FM.
The manufacturer says the change affects broadcasters needing to fill in licensed coverage areas with a booster or those seeking continuous program coverage along highways or in areas under-served by FM transmission sites.
The update is part of a system called Sync FM that is being used in testing of a main and booster IBOC system operating in hybrid mode at KCSN(FM) in Los Angeles.
BE claims its exciter is the only one with audio frequency and modulation synchronization in addition to pilot and carrier syncing.
“Other approaches offer pilot and carrier synchronization, but fail to completely synchronize the audio signals, which can result in degraded audio performance in the areas where the transmitted signals overlap. Without the ability to synchronize audio waveforms in lockstep,” it stated, “many stations have been precluded from using synchronous FM technology because of unacceptable distortion artifacts in overlap zones.”