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BE Helps AudioVault Users in ContentDepot Transition

BE Helps AudioVault Users in ContentDepot Transition

BE says all AudioVault users will be able to interconnect with the new PRSS ContentDepot system at no charge.
The supplier announced a “guaranteed upgrade path” for noncommercial stations using its digital audio system with the new ContentDepot delivery system, which is being built by NPR’s Distribution division. The manufacturer said it would provide software updates to users of current AudioVault and Vault2 systems in the first quarter of 2005. Users of the earlier AudioVault AV100 will receive hardware for the integration.
BE said its employees have been working with NPR to integrate AudioVault’s audio ingest and local automation with ContentDepot’s program distribution system.
ContentDepot will distribute streaming and audio file content via satellite to public stations, and handle program-associated data for displaying song and artist information on compatible radios.
“The system will transform to an IP over satellite system, which will offer greater flexibility in storing, scheduling and editing program files using BE’s AudioVault systems,” BE stated.