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BE Offers IBOC-Ready Exciters

BE Offers IBOC-Ready Exciters

Broadcast Electronics calls its FXi 60 direct-to-channel digital FM exciter the first of its kind.
The FXi 60 and its high-powered version, the FXi 250, eliminate analog up-conversion and accompanying noise. They can accept any inputs and accommodate IBOC installations with a plug-in IBOC interface board.
Two internal SCA generators and an RDS coder are part of the system. They work with the FSi 10 IBOC signal generator to allow operation in IBOC and IBOC + FM modes. The FSi 10 time-aligns FM and IBOC signals for blending and receives audio in the AES format.
The ASi 10 AM IBOC signal generator is available. It provides phase and magnitude directly to a BE solid-state transmitter. It can generate IBOC and AM simultaneously and time-aligns AM and IBOC signals for blending. The ASi 10 receives audio via AES.

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