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BE Plans Data Offerings, Including Monthly Web Service

BE Plans Data Offerings, Including Monthly Web Service

Looking ahead to NAB, Broadcast Electronics said it will introduce a comprehensive data product line resulting from its recent acquisition of The Radio Experience.
“The company has created a complete solution for increasing broadcast listenership and revenue through text on radio as well as HD Secondary Program Services,” it stated.
Offerings include new BE RDS generators; an RDS Content Validation Monitor, which decodes RDS data and verifies message transmission; BE Data Software for basic RDS and web text of “now playing” as well as an application with more features for advanced data over FM, HD Radio and the Internet; and a new Web service. The latter is available as a monthly service for enhancing station listenership via an online presence.
“BE’s new Web 210 service presents CD cover graphics on the web and enables e-commerce capabilities. Its new Web 220 adds search engine capabilities, so visitors may see songs that have played earlier in the day or as far back as the station provides.”
The services are slated for April delivery and are compatible with AudioVault and other automation services.