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BE Sends Transmitters to Fire-Damaged Infinity Station

BE Sends Transmitters to Fire-Damaged Infinity Station

Broadcast Electronics said it is supplying two transmitters to Infinity station KFRG(FM), which lost its transmitter building and contents to the recent fires in California.
The station is the LP1 for the San Bernadino/Riverside area. Other stations that suffered damage were KCAL(FM) and KSGN(FM).
A press release from BE relates how KFRG(FM)’s chief engineer realized the situation. Kevin Scott, it said, “got a call early that morning from the operator on duty informing him the station was off the air. Attempts to call the transmitter building or to dial up the remote control resulted in a busy signal. Suspecting the worst, but not wanting to risk a hike up the mountain through a raging fire, Scott grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked up the mountain through the haze of smoke. His worst fears were confirmed when he spotted what should have been the door to the transmitter building, and instead saw daylight coming through the other side.”
The station has been operating from a temporary antenna at Box Springs on a backup tower loaned by KGGI(FM), a station owned by competitor Clear Channel.