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BE Supplies Gear for New Iraqi FM

BE Supplies Gear for New Iraqi FM

Broadcast Electronics supplied the U.S. Air Force with broadcast equipment for a new FM station now broadcasting in Iraq. BE supplied the military with an AudioVault digital audio system last year for new Iraqi station Freedom FM.
Freedom FM 107.7 is also using BE FM transmitters previously purchased by the military to broadcast music and information to U.S. troops from an undisclosed location in the Iraq “green” zone. Broadcasting is dispersed across multiple low-powered transmission sites throughout the country ranging in power from 100 watts to 1kW to reach concentrated areas where troops are deployed, according to BE.
Two BE FM-1C1 1kW transmitters are located in Baghdad, where troop concentration is the highest. The program feed is also picked up in Kuwait, where two BE FM-5C 5kW transmitters rebroadcast it.
“Travel around the country is not always easy, so if we have an outage, we might have to rely on a technician that doesn’t necessarily have RF expertise,” stated George Curtis, Chief of Logistics for Air Force Broadcasting Service.
BE supplied the U.S. military with 30 transmitters in the first Gulf War. According to the equipment manufacturer, the five main U.S. Navy shore detachments and the 18 U.S. Army’s main bases around the world use Broadcast Electronics equipment.