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BE Supplies Gear for Utah State’s Fusion HD3

Student-run HD3 channel will piggyback on KUSR(FM).

Utah State University will have a student-run radio station again.

Utah Public Radio went on the air as a student-operated station but later went to professional programming in the 1970s. It has two FM stations, KUSU and KUSR, and 31 translators.

UPR has added a Broadcast Electronics HD Radio exciter and importer for multicasting its traditional program channel along with a live, student-run HD3 digital channel on low-powered KUSR(FM).

“Students returning to the university this fall can program and operate a separate HD Radio station, known as Fusion HD3, piggybacked onto KUSR,” the manufacturer stated.

In addition to KUSR, Utah Public Radio will broadcast HD2 alternate programming on its 90 kW KUSU(FM) station, and has acquired a BE FMi 301 HD Radio transmitter along with BE FXi 60 digital FM exciter, XPi 10 HD Radio generator and IDi 20 importer for this purpose. It also has BE’s The Radio Experience data management suite at the studio for text radio services.