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BE to Deliver Product Line Components for Tomorrow Radio

BE to Deliver Product Line Components for Tomorrow Radio

Broadcast Electronics said it will be able to deliver product to support stations that want to split their digital signals into several channels.
The BE news comes during a week of attention to multichannel radio; the FCC put out an announcement “clarifying” that stations can seek experimental authorization to multicast using the HD Radio technology.
BE says its new line of HD Radio data importers can be shipping to stations by late April. The importers can support several digital channels, according to BE.
The data importer splits HD Radio bandwidth between the Main Program Service and supplemental channels, along with supplemental program-associated data. The IDi software encodes the supplemental channel audio and multiplexes it with the PAD and other data to be carried on the HD Radio signal. The resulting bitstream is delivered via Ethernet to BE’s XPi 10 data exporter, where it is combined with the encoded HD Radio main program stream and its data for transport to the HD Radio exciter and transmitter.
Two models are being offered. The IDi 10 provides a fixed, 32 kbps SPS channel with no bitstream provisioning. The IDi 20 offers flexibility in managing the HD Radio system throughput for multiple SPS. On release, the IDi 20 is limited to two secondary program channels, but future updates will expand the number of SPS channels supported.
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