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Beasley Adds an iPhone App

Most of its 42 stations are accessible

From what we hear, you just had to be there to see old-school radio exec George Beasley playing delightedly with his company’s new iPhone app the other day.

Beasley Broadcast Group publicly now has rolled out its application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, calling it iRadioNow. The app is free and delivers Beasley stations in AAC and MP3 formats.

“Both loyal and new listeners are able to use a wide variety of searchable words, including call letters and monikers, to access Beasley radio stations digitally, anytime and anywhere,” the company stated.

Thirty-six of Beasley’s 42 stations are accessible through the new app at present.

In the announcement, the company quoted its chairman and CEO saying, “Radio thrills me as much today as it did in 1961 when we bought our first station.”