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Beasley Uses Zipwhip for Easier Listener Texting

Stations use texting to drive listener engagement

Using Zipwhip communications technology, Beasley listeners can text Beasley’s studio lines or call-in request lines more easily.

The cloud texting platform has been installed in 18 Beasley stations across five markets including Tampa and Fort Myers, Fla., Las Vegas, and Charlotte and Fayetteville, N.C.

Zipwhip technology enables the stations to send and receive texts using their existing call-in request lines or studio lines, phone numbers listeners are familiar with. This eliminates the need to remember a short code.

“Everyone is texting now; it has become a preferable way in which to enter contests and connect with station personalities. When turning on this service, our program directors were shocked to discover how many people were already trying to text the studio number,” said Beasley vice president of Digital Product Development Kimberly Sonneborn.

According to Beasley, its stations rely on two-way messaging to build trust and loyalty and ultimately to increase overall listener engagement. An added benefit is that stations can offer a new sponsorship opportunity with their text enabled request or studio line.

Zipwhip Director of Market Development Kelsey Klevenberg says the company has agreements with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.