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Beeler Remembered During Rock Hall Ceremony

Beeler Remembered During Rock Hall Ceremony

Things got a little emotional during the commissioning of the new Alan Freed Radio Studio at the Rock Hall, when organizers remembered another late industry veteran.
Donor Relations Manager John Grayson paid tribute to sales executive Scott Beeler for the role Beeler had played in the project.
Beeler, who worked for ERI, died last fall; family members were present at the Freed Studio ceremonies.
“Scott made this project possible. He worked in the broadcast equipment industry many, many years, and when I started here, my very first phone call was to Scott,” Grayson recalled.
“I said, ‘We’re talking about building a new radio studio at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,’ and he said. “What can I do to make that happen?’ While we dedicate this radio studio to Alan Freed’s life and legacy, those of us who knew Scott and loved him and constructed the radio studio, dedicate our efforts to his memory.”