BEI Unveils Latest IBOC Products

BEI Unveils Latest IBOC Products
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Broadcast Electronics Inc., recently released several new products for IBOC use: the FXi 60 and FXi 250 FM exciters, the FSi-10 IBOC signal generator and the FMi solid-state IBOC transmitter line.
The FXi 60 and FXi 250 direct-to-channel digital exciters offer increased input flexibility. The exciters can accept AES/EBU, left and right analog or composite inputs as standard and can be programmed to automatically switch from a primary to a backup input when the primary is lost.
The FSi-10 IBOC signal generator is a third-generation generator that takes advantage of the abilities of the FXi60 to accept a direct digital input and provide a combined analog FM and FM IBOC signal.
The FMi solid state IBOC transmitter line is based on solid-state FM products now in production, the "C" series and "S" series FMs. The FMi series transmitters use advanced linearization techniques that allow them to be used in a high-level combined system or a common amplifier system.