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Belar Offers AMMA-2, Developed for VOA

Belar Offers AMMA-2, Developed for VOA

Belar is offering “The AM Wizard,” model AMMA-2, a digital AM modulation monitor.
Developed for the Voice of America, it will monitor conventional and new carrier-controlled MDCL modulation techniques. It is IBOC-compatible and uses FIR digital filters with stop-band attenuations of 60 dB at 5 kHz or 8 kHz.
The AMMA-2 uses digital signal processing, resulting in THD and IM distortion levels below 0.1 percent at up to 99 percent modulation. The AMMA-2 features an operating frequency range of 250 kHz to 30 MHz with a 1 volt RMS sensitivity. It replaces the AMMA-1.