Belar Offers AMMA-2, Developed for VOA

Belar Offers AMMA-2, Developed for VOA
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Belar is offering "The AM Wizard," model AMMA-2, a digital AM modulation monitor.
Developed for the Voice of America, it will monitor conventional and new carrier-controlled MDCL modulation techniques. It is IBOC-compatible and uses FIR digital filters with stop-band attenuations of 60 dB at 5 kHz or 8 kHz.
The AMMA-2 uses digital signal processing, resulting in THD and IM distortion levels below 0.1 percent at up to 99 percent modulation. The AMMA-2 features an operating frequency range of 250 kHz to 30 MHz with a 1 volt RMS sensitivity. It replaces the AMMA-1.


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Belar AM Mod Monitor Measures Up

The AMMA-2, the new digital AM modulation monitor from Belar, may look like an ordinary piece of broadcast equipment. It's one rack unit tall and has the typical buttons and LEDs on the front panel. But don't let its looks deceive you; this unit can help increase coverage and improve dial presence.