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BIA/Kelsey Sees More Online Revenue Growth

Market researcher expects trend to continue

Chart shows the growth BIA/Kelsey expects for online advertising revenues generated by local television and radio stations.

Mark Fratrick, a vice president of market research specialist BIA/Kelsey, writes on his blog about what he sees as increasing online ad revenues for radio stations. His analysis is in preparation for the upcoming release of a report, “Investing in Radio.”

Fratrick notes that “local radio stations saw a 15.1% increase to $439 million for total industry online revenues.” He explains that a variety of a station’s assets, “From valuable local content, to cross-promotional opportunities between on- and off-air, and a trained sales staff that understands the local market and the advertiser community,” allow “them a competitive footing in the online arena.”

It also allows the station to “expand their position in their local markets from solely an over-the-air media source to a local media company that can provide access to local audiences in different, effective ways for their advertiser clients.”

Fratrick predicts “11.8% for radio from 2011–2016.” Fratrick also includes TV, which has its own report coming out, and sees growth in it as well.