Bid4Spots Reaches Milestone

10,000th advertiser signed by advertising clearinghouse
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Radio advertising inventory seller Bid4Spots has announced that it has signed its 10,000 client, beverage manufacturer Rushmore Essentials.

Bid4Spots positions itself as an avenue for “small to mid-sized businesses looking to run cost-effective radio campaigns.”

The company runs a “reverse auction” wherein a company with a commercial, to run the following week, opens a request for bids and then radio stations can choose to bid on the commercial. The bid is the price that the station will charge for the spot, lowest price wins the spot contract.

The cycle is repeated on a weekly basis. There is a $1,500 campaign minimum.


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Bid4Spots Inc. — Dave Newmark

As you know, eBay chose Bid4Spots to power the eBay Media Marketplace for radio. For radio stations, this means more available advertising dollars in our reverse auction marketplace.