Big Axia Package Goes In at Cumulus NYC

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From the Who’s Buying What column:

The Telos Alliance reported several sales.

In its Axia division, Cumulus Media Networks in New York City, the former ABC Networks network ops center, is taking delivery on a large rebuild that includes 208 Axia xNode AoIP Interfaces, including analog, AES/EBU and GPIO xNodes; 55 Axia Multi-Channel IP-Audio Drivers for Windows; and PathfinderPC routing control with clustering backup

Washington University’s KWUR(FM) in St. Louis is upgrading studios with a 20-position Element console and PowerStation integrated console engine. Peak Broadcasting’s cluster in Fresno, Calif. — KMJ(AM/FM), KGMV(FM), KSKS(FM), KYWE(FM) — expanded an existing Axia network with an additional 24-position Element console.

For Telos Systems products, Cartier Media’s WICY(AM) and WVNV(FM) in Malone, N.Y., purchased a Telos Hx1 POTS hybrids. Cumulus’ Dallas cluster — WBAP(AM/FM), KLIF(AM/FM), KSCS(FM), KTCK(AM) and KPL(FM) — took delivery of four Z/IP One IP Codecs and two Zephyr iPort 8x8 MPEG Gateways. Dow Jones & Co.’s Wall Street Journal Radio in New York upgraded its phone hybrids with two Hx1 POTS hybrids and one Hx2 POTS hybrid; it also bought a new Zephyr Xstream ISDN Codec. Midwest Television’s KFMB(TV) ordered two Z/IP One IP Codecs.



Axia Lands Lagardere Install Via Zenon-Media

On the Who's Buying What page: Europa FM and Radio 21, lifestyle stations owned by French media conglomerate Lagardere, will complete construction of on-air and production facilities this month using Axia IP-Audio equipment and Element modular control surfaces.