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BIG Consortium Cites Early Cooperation

Jampro’s Clarine will serve as U.S. TV sales engineer

We hadn’t heard much since August from BIG, the Broadcast Industry Group. Its formation then by several equipment manufacturers set off a flurry of speculation from other companies about what the new entity would be, exactly, and how its members would cooperate.

Now comes word from three member companies that Jeff Clarine of Jampro will fill the role of its U.S. TV sales engineer. “It will be a synergistic endeavor as we represent these fine companies,” Clarine was quoted in the statement.

How will this work? Per the announcement: “He will oversee sales of Orban television audio processors, in addition to his current role in sales for Jampro Antennas. Orban TV products sold under his leadership will be supplied by SCMS.”

The three are founding members of BIG, which also include DaySequerra, BW Broadcast and StreamGuys. The six formed the mutually owned entity with a purpose to “promote the consolidation of key manufacturers and service providers in the broadcast industry.” The first goal, it said at the time, was to consolidate sales, marketing and promotions, with BIG planning a united presence at trade shows, SBE activities and other events.

BIG now quotes Orban VP of Sales and Media David Rusch saying that in the first few months, Orban has worked on projects with fellow members Stream Guys, SCMS and Jampro. “With the addition of Jeff Clarine, who has represented Jampro for many years, we are operating within this new industry consortium for the mutual benefit of all involved. As we proceed, all members will see joint sales and marketing opportunities.”

Clarine is based in Minnesota and has also worked for Phillips, LARCAN and Rohde & Schwarz. He is a former television engineer at KEYC(TV) in Mankato.