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Big HD Radio Plans Afoot

Big HD Radio Plans Afoot

HD Radio proponents are preparing for a big splash next week at the radio show – to jumpstart the conversion.
Live demos are planned on Philadelphia stations and Kenwood is ready to ship the first batch of HD Radios so broadcasters now using the technology can hear the digital quality.
Kenwood has delivered the first run of 1,000 HD Radios to Ibiquity. The digital radio developer will take tuner pre-orders from broadcasters using its technology next week at the NAB Radio Show.
The Kenwood KTC-HR100 tuners will be used by stations for internal listening and consumer awareness promotions. Additionally, Ibiquity will make tuners available to media for reviewer demonstrations.
Shipment from Ibiquity of the KTC-HR100 tuners will coincide with a software upgrade in October with Ibiquity’s new codec. Kenwood expects to have HD Radios available for shipping to retailers in volume in January.
Also, broadcasters can hear HD Radio broadcasts at the NAB Radio Show.
At booth 317, Broadcast Electronics will have a Kenwood HD Radio receiver tuned to 92.5 WXTU(FM). The Beasley Broadcast Group station will be broadcasting HD Radio using a BE FMi 1405 transmitter package. During the week, the group will also air HD Radio on 860 WWDB(AM) using a BE ASi 10 HD Radio signal generator in front of an existing Harris DX 10 transmitter. The ASi 10 is on loan to WWDB(AM) temporarily for the NAB Radio Show.
WXTU(FM) will convert to HD Radio by combining digital and analog signals in one high-powered transmitter, BE’s FMi 1405. The FMi 1405 is capable of outputting 14kW FM+HD Radio combined or 5.6kW HD Radio only, and will be used by WXTU(FM) in common amplification mode along with the BE FXi 60 digital exciter and BE FSi 10 signal generator.
BE equipment is used in five of the group’s six stations converted to HD Radio so far.