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Big Radio Groups Finally Ready to Unveil HD Radio Push

Big Radio Groups Finally Ready to Unveil HD Radio Push

The arrival of HD Radio’s first tabletop models, from Boston Acoustics, dovetails with the major broadcast groups’ planned digital radio announcement next week in New York – an announcement they wanted to hold earlier, around the fall NAB Radio Show, but could not, because tabletops, preferred as giveaways, were not available.
Since the CES last January, as reported here, major broadcast groups have been talking among themselves about how to promote HD Radio, encourage automakers to speed up implementation of receivers in vehicles (with ideas like non-monetary incentives such as ad trades) and promote multicasting.
It will be interesting to see how the big radio groups, normally fierce competitors, cooperate in this one area to push HD Radio.
Also look for the number of stations multicasting to grow significantly next week, sources tell RW Online.