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Bird Upgrades TX RX Line

Bird Upgrades TX RX Line

Bird Technologies Group has announced upgrades and replacements to its line of couplers, dividers, samplers and duplexers. The products now cover a wider frequency range.
The upgraded products and model numbers in the TX RX line include:

*Hybrid Coupler, Model 85-83-XX (formerly 85-85-XX), 746-960(MHz)
*Hybrid Coupler, Model 85-58-XX (formerly 85-67-XX), 350-520(MHz)
*Power Divider, Model 8483-XX (formerly 84-85-XX), 746-960 (MHz)
*Power Divider, Model 84-58-XX (formerly 84-67-XX), 350-520 (MHz)
*Sampler, Model 84-83-XX (formerly 84-85-XX), 746-960 (MHz)
*Sampler, Model 84-58-XX (formerly 84-67-XX), 350-520 (MHz)
*Vari-Notch Duplexer, 28-83E-01A (formerly 28-89-01A), 764-869(MHz)