Bird Upgrades TX RX Line

Bird Upgrades TX RX Line
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Bird Technologies Group has announced upgrades and replacements to its line of couplers, dividers, samplers and duplexers. The products now cover a wider frequency range.
The upgraded products and model numbers in the TX RX line include:

*Hybrid Coupler, Model 85-83-XX (formerly 85-85-XX), 746-960(MHz)
*Hybrid Coupler, Model 85-58-XX (formerly 85-67-XX), 350-520(MHz)
*Power Divider, Model 8483-XX (formerly 84-85-XX), 746-960 (MHz)
*Power Divider, Model 84-58-XX (formerly 84-67-XX), 350-520 (MHz)
*Sampler, Model 84-83-XX (formerly 84-85-XX), 746-960 (MHz)
*Sampler, Model 84-58-XX (formerly 84-67-XX), 350-520 (MHz)
*Vari-Notch Duplexer, 28-83E-01A (formerly 28-89-01A), 764-869(MHz)