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Bisset Is Educator of the Year

John Bisset is SBE’s Educator of the Year.

John Bisset is SBE’s Educator of the Year.

Bisset, based in Manchester, N.Y., is a regional RF sales manager for Broadcast Electronics.

“John has written the well known Workbench column that has appeared in Radio World newspaper for 17 years,” SBE wrote. “His columns, which appear 26 times each year, have provided hands-on, real-world engineering information to the U.S. radio industry. (They) are read by thousands of readers, helping to establish him as one of the most recognized radio engineering experts in the country. John also is a frequent presenter at Ennes Workshops presented by SBE around the country and at many SBE chapter meetings.”

The recipient of the SBE Broadcast Engineer of the Year Award is John Lyons in New York, the assistant VP and director of broadcast communications for The Durst Organization, which owns the master broadcast site at 4 Times Square.

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