BlackBerry Workaround Developed

BlackBerry Workaround Developed
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For all you radio engineering types addicted to your "CrackBerries," help may be around the corner: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion says it has developed a software workaround, in case a court bars the use of the current software because of a pending patent dispute, Reuters reports.
The company said the workaround will prevent a shutdown of service in the United States. “In an announcement made as the clock ticked toward a Feb. 24 court hearing on U.S. patent holding company NTP Inc.'s request for an injunction to halt U.S. BlackBerry service, RIM also said it was still willing to negotiate a deal," Reuters reported. "NTP questioned why RIM simply didn't go ahead and make the software changes for the workaround and argued the BlackBerry maker was trying to bully it."