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BlackPlanet Radio Is African-American Social Radio

Radio One expands its social footprint

Interactive One has debuted, calling it the first social radio website geared towards the black American consumer.

The site lets users create playlists from a library of 14 million songs to stream and share, either through a desktop browser or mobile iPhone and Android apps. BlackPlanet Radio was launched through a creative partnership with the Songza streaming music service.

The music experience is an extension of the social networking site. BlackPlanet and BlackPlanetRadio are properties of Interactive One, a subsidiary of broadcast group owner Radio One.

BlackPlanet Radio will feature digital streams from Radio One’s 53 radio stations, as well as playlists created figures from the company’s family of brands including radio station DJs, artists, celebrities, site editors and contributors and music experts.

Radio One’s president, Barry Mayo, calls this an opportunity to connect audiences on a deeper level by using the concept of radio — music curated by people — and sharing that with one other.

“We believe the best digital music radio services will tap into people and communities, not just rely on algorithms,” he said in a press release. “BlackPlanet Radio is all about the users.”