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Blesser Publishes Work on Aural Architecture

Blesser Publishes Work on Aural Architecture

Vice President and Director of Engineering for 25-Seven Systems, and former MIT professor, Dr. Barry Blesser has released a book on aural architecture entitled, “Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?,” published by MIT Press.
The AES Fellow, former AES president and contributor to Radio World Engineering Extra co-authored the book with his wife of 35 years, Dr. Linda-Ruth Salter, an independent scholar specializing in interdisciplinary studies.
The book examines how listeners experience space in a variety of applications across a range of cultures. It incorporates insights from several professions on how auditory spatial awareness has been applied to real and virtual spaces.
“Aural architecture is the unifying concept of the aural influence of space on the social, behavioral and musical activities of the inhabitants,” said Blesser. “While the concept appears to be new, its roots go back to cavemen and span the millennia across many cultures, including our modern high-tech electronic arts.”
“Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?” is available at and other major booksellers.
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