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Blossom Is Brian Sanders ‘Transmitter Dog’

Border collie/chow mix also chases bears

Blossom in “her” studio Blossom is a border collie/chow mix who rides shotgun on trips out to the transmitters. She loves to visit the studio, chase bears and sometimes fill in on weekends, according to Brian Sanders, network operations manager for KNAU(FM) in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Management loves her because she works for treats, according to Sanders.

Blossom is 10 and really does chase bears when visiting Sanders’ California home. In Arizona, she favors skunks as playmates, I’m told.

When I thanked him for the photo and for getting her to pose that way he wrote: “What pose? This is the look I get when I barge into her studio to do some work. You know how ‘talent’ hates it when the engineer has stuff to do!”

Transmitter Dogs Serve Faithfully