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Blue Mo-Fi Headphones Satisfy KBRE

Headphones offer passive mode and a built-in audiophile amp

MERCED, Calif. — I have always been a fan of Blue Microphones. I’ve used many models throughout my recording career and had great results. The craftsmanship and simplicity of their designs are functional and beautiful.

The company��s Mo-Fi headphones definitely fall into that category. I have to admit, at first, I was a bit skeptical about the idea of Blue headphones, as I had never used or seen their headphones.

I have worked in radio for over 10 years and my headphones are a crucial component of my day-to-day activities. I have to wear them for hours at a time; they have to be accurate and comfortable, as well as functional.

As a recording engineer, I know how important it is to have headphones that reproduce the sound accurately with no tricks, filters or DSP. The passive mode on these headphones is true analog passivity and helps me review my sound files on Adobe Audition with no filters, just true sound. They are great reference headphones when in passive mode, and are so comfortable I honestly forget I have them on at times.

The supple leather earcups are actually shaped like ears (what a concept!) and provide superior isolation and minimal sound bleed. The four-point adjustable arms on the headphones can dial in a custom fit. The only thing I had an issue with was the adjustable tension wheel on the headband, sometimes it would get locked up or spin freely and disconnect from the frame. I love the lightweight metal frame and the light that lights up when you turn on the built-in audiophile amp, it gives them a really cool vintage glow.

What sets these headphones further apart for me is the built-in 240 mW amplifier. It does not distort, but enhances the listening experience, especially on devices that play lower-quality files like MP3s. I like to record my commercials and segments in passive mode for true audio reference, then switch it over to “On” mode when I take my files on my laptop or phone to hear my finished files with some audiophile-quality bass and texture. These headphones give those lower-quality files a much needed boost that lets me know how it would sound on my home or car stereo.

So basically these headphones are the last headphones I’ll ever need. I can use them for reference with no filters or DSP when I record in the studio, and give my files a much needed audiophile boost when I take them on the road or play them through another device. I love being able to use these headphones with my tablet or phone and make those audio files sound like I’m back in the recording studio listening to my monitors.

The Blue Mo-Fi headphones offer a versatility and quality that sets them apart.

For information, contact at Blue Microphones in California at (818) 879-5200 or visit