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BMW Calls for Clear Decision About Radio Standards

Head infotainment developer says Denmark needs to set FM switch off date

Bertram Hock, group leader, Broadcast Receiver Development for automaker BMW, says the Danish government needs to make a clear decision about DAB radio, according to Radio Assistant.

He notes that the country’s demand for DAB is increasing, but not at a rate that means BMW will standardize DAB radios on the Danish market. Therefore, he says a transition timeline is crucial for consumers and industry.

Hock additionally called the radio the most important component of a car’s infotainment system, noting that he considers digital radio to be the medium’s future, and said moving to DAB adds value for everyone from programmers to broadcasters to consumers to advertising agencies.

BMW added DAB radios to some of its car models a decade ago, and was the first automaker to switch to DAB+ in 2010, according to the report. It also has standardized DAB+ in vehicles sold in countries where the policy indicates a clear switchover plan.

Hock emphasizes the need for practical efforts to make the DAB+ transition a success, citing Germany as an example.