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BMW Commits to HD Radio for U.S. Market

BMW Commits to HD Radio for U.S. Market

In the near future, BMW plans to include HD Radios in its vehicles as OEM equipment.
On the show floor here at CES, BMW has a prototype receiver in the dash of a 5 Series vehicle. The automaker plans to have HD Radios installed in at least some vehicles for the U.S. market.
The automaker is still working out which models would include the digital radios. BMW has offered Sirius radios since December 2003, said Dr. Michael Webber, representing development for the automaker.
He told RW Online attractions of HD Radio to BMW are improved sound quality, combined with the promise of a digital data delivery pipe into the vehicle. “With digital, we can broadcast traffic data into the car easy and fast. The only data pipe we have now is analog RDS.”
RDS can deliver data into the car with a speed of about 100 bits-per-second, while HD Radio has the capability of delivering the data at speeds of 1,000 to 2,000 or more bps, said Webber. Higher speeds translates into more traffic data with better resolution, believes the automaker.
He would not reveal what receiver manufacturer would make the HD Radios for BMW.
BMW eventually plans to offer HD Radios as options for all of its U.S. vehicles, Webber said.
The automaker is also looking at DRM as an AM solution for its European autos.