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Bonneville Will Use Arbitron’s ‘PDA Web’

New tool is an online version of PD Advantage

Arbitron said it secured an agreement with Bonneville International which will use a new software service for Portable People Meter ratings called PDA Web.

“PDA Web is an online version of PD Advantage, a programming tool that tracks the top line view of stations’ performances with key audience metrics,” the research firm stated.

“Originally built for the diary service, this enhanced application now analyzes PPM radio ratings data. It allows radio station programmers to determine the station preferences of PPM respondents, when listeners are tuning in and tuning out, and to what stations they are going when they do tune out.”

Arbitron’s Pierre Bouvard says the tool gives PDs in PPM markets granular information about how their station’s metrics are trending. Greg Solk is VP of programming for Bonneville International.