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Boob Wobble Competes for Your Audience’s Attention

We don't make this stuff up

As if radio applications didn’t have enough competition on the iPhone, now it needs to compete with Boob Wobble.

Aussie software company Glentwood said Apple has approved the Wobble animation application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is available for download at Apple’s iTunes Appstore.

Already a popular application at the Appstore is iFart, seen this week by RW eyewitnesses causing hysterical reactions among a group of young adults in a hip part of Washington. Yes, that’s the media market your radio station is competing in today.

As for Boob Wobble: “This software … provides users the ability to animate any given part of a photo on the iPhone or iPod touch into true 3D animation driven by the actual movement of the device,” the company stated.

“Apple recently declined a similar software known as iBoob on the grounds that it was indecent because that application seemed to be geared toward a particular part of a woman’s anatomy,” said the company’s Jon Atherton in the press release, but with over a million views of their YouTube demo video, it says there “appeared to be a huge demand for wobbling boobs” on the iPhone or iPod touch.

“Whereas iBoob was developed with seemingly limited scope, the new Wobble application will allow users to apply ‘wobbles’ to any part of any photo be it breasts, arms, legs etc. It’s completely up to the user to determine what they choose to animate, and no images are included in the download.”

The app costs 99 cents and can be seen in action here: