Boone's Final Show

Twin Cities legend retires after 51 years
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The often peripatetic nature of the radio industry, especially for on-air talent, sometimes precludes lengthy stays at any single location.

That's what makes Charlie Boone's 51-year run at WCCO(AM) in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market so notable. Boone's final show is Saturday morning, Dec. 18, starting at 6 a.m.

Boone began working at WCCO in 1959 doing afternoons. Boone eventually hooked up with Roger "Rog" Erickson for a 30+-year run for their morning show. Erickson will be on hand for the final show.

Boone stated in an announcement: "These almost 52 years have been a gift. WCCO is where I met my radio partner Rog Erickson and where I met my life partner, Carol Heen, who is the most important interview of my life … I will always love CCO and I celebrate all of the people I work with."


Disk Space: The Final Frontier

Recently, while checking out computer factoids on the Ziff-Davis Net (, I was surprised to read about magnetic experiments now being explored by two professors at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Their efforts could, within seven years, lead to a 1 PB disk drive. So you know, a PB is a Petabyte, which is the same as 1 million GB.