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Boortz on

Atlanta radio talker explores a new platform

Is semi-retired “legendary” WSB(AM), Atlanta, talk show host Neal Boortz onto something? Or is he just on something?

Boortz recently signed up to be a contributor to, an Internet “content marketplace.” Think of it as a multimedia depot — like a better organized, less gossipy version of Facebook, though it does require a monthly subscription.

In an announcement, Boortz said, “After stepping down from full-time radio last year, I was looking for a platform to podcast, and there is only one good choice — that’s ConnectPal. I get to do shows [podcasts] however I want, whenever I want, and I set my price for my work.”

Boortz is definitely the highest profile current ConnectPal denizen. ConnectPal says it has over two dozen other radio hosts onboard. Will more sign up or is ConnectPal another app cul de sac?