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Boots on the Ground

Platinum Tools provides RJ45 boots

Put on your boots! While perhaps not the most glorious of gear, Platinum Tools’ RJ45 boots could find a home in any modern broadcast engineer workshop.

The boots are designed to relieve strain at the connector-cable neck. The boot will also protect the connector body and a small cup on one side the boot will also protect the hard plastic release/locking tab of the connector. On shielded RJ45 connectors the boot covers the external ground.

In addition, Platinum Tools adds, the boots cut down on RJ45 cable snagging.

The boots are made of ABS plastic and are available in black, white, red, orange, blue, gray, green, yellow and purple for color-coding madness.

Platinum Tools lists these sizes: 5.5 mm/0.217-inch (typically for Cat-5e); 6 mm/0.236-inch (typically for small Cat-6); 6.5 mm/0.260-inch (typically for medium Cat-6) and 7mm / 0.275-inch (typically for large Cat-6). Available in packs of 25 and 100 pieces.