Bouvard Calls Pandora CFO “Wrong” on Radio

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In his latest blog post, Westwood One Chief Marketing Officer Pierre Bouvard disputes claims made this week by Pandora Chief Financial Officer Mike Herring at an investor conference.

Herring says AM/FM listening levels are dropping and also that broadcasters do not talk about time spent listening when selling; Bouvard calls both of these assertions “wrong.”

Bouvard cites both Nielsen data and Edison’s Research “Share of Ear” study to bolster his claim that radio listening is strong, concluding:

● AM/FM listening levels are stable, according to Nielsen’s measure of both reach and time spent
● Radio has nine times the audience share of Pandora and 17 times the audience share of Spotify, according to Edison
● U.S. listeners spend almost 2 hours more per day with AM/FM than they do with Pandora
● The majority of AM/FM listening occurs out of home, while the majority of streaming is done in-home

Read his full blog post here.