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Brazil HD-R Alliance Grows

Brazil HD-R Alliance Grows

We’re learning more about Brazil’s HD Radio Alliance.
Ibiquity Digital says 16 stations in Brazil, the world’s fifth-most-populous country, are transmitting IBOC signals to a coverage area that has a potential 30 million listeners.
The Brazilian Alliance for Digital Radio is composed of major broadcast groups including the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, the Association of Broadcasters of Sao Paulo and others.
HD Radio field test data obtained from these radio networks was presented at a Brazilian Society of Engineering of Television and Telecommunications convention in September; HD Radio operation reports have been presented to regulatory authorities.
Coordinator of the Brazilian Alliance for Digital Radio Acácio Costa said the time was right to establish an alliance for broadcasters to share experiences and work collectively on promoting the technology.
Some 2,500 stations will support the alliance, said Costa; it is also working with receiver manufacturers to support their product development and entry into the market.