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Broadcast Engineers Under 40

These young professionals will keep the industry humming

The U.S. radio broadcast industry has long embraced the sagacity of engineering elders and treasured their technical advice and memories. But it also often laments a lack of younger blood. According to common wisdom, radio engineering heads are mostly gray; and when those retire, who will keep the industry humming?

Radio World here begins a series of articles about engineers under 40 who are helping to answer that question.

Engineers Under 40: Amanda Hopp

“Education is never over. Find groups such as the Society of Broadcast Engineers to join and participate in the courses they offer. Also, have fun!” 

Engineers Under 40: Yancy McNair

“Online and mobile streaming and the addition of video products are changing the way people interact with radio”

Engineers Under 40: Kurt Oberloh

“Create relationships. Get to know your vendors and other engineers in your area. The issues and problems you are trying to solve on your own have most likely already been seen by someone else”

Engineers Under 40: Jason McKenna

“The biggest trend that affects broadcast engineers and IT personnel is the change in how the product is delivered”

Engineers Under 40: Alex Brewster
“One of the most important and interesting trends is the integration of IP-based equipment over the last several years”

Engineers Under 40: Kelsey Black
“I see the structure of my job now and in the future as still being very fluid, compared to those who may have only had a studio and transmitter group under their responsibility”

Engineers Under 40: Zachary Akey
“Clearly the most important trend in the broadcast and greater media industry is an attempt to determine effective content delivery platforms”

Engineers Under 40: Dominic Mendicino

“Engineers seem to play the part of full on miracle worker at times, and it’s essential to have a clear head to be able to execute well under pressure”