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Broadcast Partners Teams Up With Ravenna

The Dutch systems integrator will offer Ravenna-capable technology

Systems integrator Broadcast Partners will begin providing Ravenna-capable gear for its clients, according to an announcement. With the trend towards IP becoming more prevalent, Broadcast Partners says it’s looking to stay with the times.

“As a full service provider to the industry, it’s our job to ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation to provide our clients with the best and most future-proof solutions that the market has to offer,” says Broadcast Partners’ R&D Manager, René van de Kolk.

“Ravenna technology is clearly an important element in the IP for broadcast world, and so it’s natural that we want to support it,” van de Kolk added.

Broadcast Partners is headquartered in Terneuzen, Netherlands and has offices in Hilversum as well as Leipzig, Germany. The company will be looking to integrate Ravenna capabilities into its recently released version of its AerOn Studio radio automation software, the announcement says.