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Broadcast Tech, Radio Operators Saw 12.75% Pay Increase YoY says they rank 23rd out of 317 professions in the study of pay increases

In an industry where many employees feel perpetually overworked and undercompensated, personal finance website has some information that may help you in your quest to get a raise.

According to a press announcement, the site used “numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out which careers had the highest wage increase potential across 317 fields.”

They grouped “broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators” as one category (which likely skews the numbers), but professionals in this category came in 23rd on the list of 317 jobs that saw a pay increase from 2016 to 2017. In 2016, the median salary was $53,040, but year-over-year it jumped 12.75% on average to $59,800.

finder Consumer Advocate Jennifer McDermott also offered this tip for those who are turned down for a pay increase: “If you are not successful in gaining a pay raise, ask your manager for a development plan and timeline to work towards. Should you not be satisfied that they will deliver down the road, it may be time to consider employment elsewhere.”

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