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Broadcasters Foundation Offering Harvey Aid

Broadcasters hit by the hurricane may qualify for $1,000 grants

The Broadcasters Foundation of America is offering one-time, emergency grants to qualifying broadcasters hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Broadcasters can learn whether they qualify for $1,000 in emergency aid by completing the online grant request form. The emergency grant process is designed for quick approval. The foundation aims to help radio and television broadcasters who find themselves in acute financial need and do not have insurance to cover losses after a natural disaster.

Chairman Dan Mason said in a statement, “The Broadcasters Foundation is a safety net in an emergency. When a colleague’s roof is suddenly blown away, their belongings destroyed, or their families displaced, the Broadcasters Foundation can step in quickly. We need everyone in our business to help us ensure that all broadcasters in need are aware of the Broadcasters Foundation.”

The Broadcasters Foundation works with state broadcast associations to help individuals receive this aid. Following last year’s floods in Louisiana, nearly $100,000 in aid was awarded to individuals who work in TV and radio, ranging from on-air personalities and producers to account executives.