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Broadcasters Push for In-Car Digital Radio As Standard

Many European broadcasters want digital radios in all cars to provide continuity across Europe

Broadcasters attempted to drive one major point home at the WorldDMB European Automotive Event, according to a press release from the organizer, that digital radio needs to become a standard feature of all cars.

Digital radio has been making major political strives in recent months, according to WorldDMB, but broadcasters look to the car, where a large portion of radio is listened to, as the next stepping-stone.

From Norway announcing an official switchover date in 2017 to increased commitments to DAB in Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom, digital radio coverage levels are expanding quickly, says the organization. It also points out that broadcasters are using this as an example for why car manufacturers should have digital radios as a standard in cars, to ensure continuity for drivers traveling across Europe.

“Digital radio offers significant benefits to drivers. The technology is tried and tested,” said Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDMB. “Now is the time for car manufacturers to embrace the opportunity.”

Other announcements at the event include the Flemish region of Belgium switching on its first DAB+ commercial multiplex, and the agreement that Band III continues to be the dedicated digital radio band in Europe.

The WorldDMB European Automotive Event took place in Brussels on May 20.