Broadcasting Group Calls for Asia-Pacific Emergency Warning System

Broadcasting Group Calls for Asia-Pacific Emergency Warning System
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The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union wants to implement an Emergency Warning Broadcast System in ABU member countries.
The ABU secretary-general stated, "Even though it is nearly two years after the disasters of the Asian tsunami, we still have a situation where most countries in the region do not have a system whereby they can receive early warnings of potential tsunamis and other natural occurrences which may cause disasters.”
It calls for development of an EWBS to minimize the impact of disasters and for members to urge national regulators to enact the necessary provisions. The ABU also called for members to push manufacturers to produce receivers with the feature.
Control signals for analog broadcasting would be as developed by the International Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunication Sector, which is part of the U.N.


India Studies Warning System

The research department of Indian public-service broadcasters All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) are looking to develop an Emergency Warning Broadcasting System (EWBS) suitable for the India.

Asia-Pacific Radio Eyes Digital

Implementing IBOC will take many years, judging by the experiences the rest of the world is having implementing various forms of digital radio - experiences U.S. engineers can learn from.