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Brownback Wants to See Complete C3SR Filing

Concern is over redacted portions of letter.

Sen. Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, wants to see the complete May 27 FCC filing of the Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio on the sat rad merger.

As we’ve reported, he has been given a version with some of the text blacked-out.

It’s important to see the complete text, he said in a letter urging Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., to seek the full letter, because it raises possible contradictions between “highly confidential” documents filed with the commission by Sirius Satellite Radio and testimony given to Congress by its CEO Mel Karmazin.

The filing in question has to do with how the satellite companies handled the FCC directive to produce interoperable receivers. In it, C3SR, which NAB partially funds, called for a hearing.

The possible discrepancy raises antitrust issues, said Brownback, who stated that he’s “troubled” Congress may have been misled about the proposed satellite merger. The issue needs to be cleared up before the FCC makes a decision on the merger, said Brownback.