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BRS Media’s dotFM Integrates Radionomy

Aim is to make creating, finding an Internet station easier

The Internet radio creation platform Radionomy and BRS Media, the registry service provider for .FM and .AM top-level domains are teaming up to make it easier to create and find Internet radio stations.

BRS Media has integrated the Radionomy sign-up/station creation option into the dotFM and dotAM domain ordering system and website. That eliminates a step for those who want to get a domain name and start an Internet station, according to the companies.

Producers already on Radionomy’s network will be able to get discounted rates on their domain purchases to incentivize their adoption of the URL. Radionomy’s radio creation platform allows individuals to create a music or talk station using its cloud-based scheduler.

In addition to paying all the fees to stream and license music on your station, individuals can also have a custom player on their website, and that is where dotFM comes in.

According to BRS Media, the majority of dotFM domain owners are not traditional radio providers. “For 16 years, dotFM has encouraging innovation, openness and creativity in the unparalleled .FM and .AM namespace,” says BRS Media

Chairman/CEO George Bundy. “This partnership continues our efforts to broaden the horizon, and make radio creation an option open to all.”