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BRS Media’s DotFM Ranks Top .FM Sites and Brands

“.FM Top 100 Hits of 2012” shows streaming media trends

BRS Media, a media e-commerce firm that assists companies with online presence building and branding, says dotFM (the .FM top-level domain registry) has released 2012’s top .FM sites and brands with the year-end rankings.

DotFM’s list of the “.FM Top 100 Hits of 2012” cites the top sites and brands from the past year under .FM, including some of the most recognizable and innovative brands in streaming media and social entertainment today. The chart is available here.

“It’s exciting and amazing to see the diversity within the .FM namespace, the originality of dotFM clients is both inspiring and refreshing,” said George T. Bundy, chairman and CEO of BRS Media Inc. “Our comprehensive portfolio of registrants not only includes broadcasters, Internet radio and the music community, but also interactive companies, premier social media ventures and streaming entrepreneurs worldwide.”

According to BRS Media, it pioneered the “multimedia” domain space with the launch of the .FM top-level domain in 1998. For 15 years, dotFM has provided the marketplace with an industry-specific domain extension, while encouraging innovation in the multimedia namespace. Brands under this umbrella include;,,,,,, and more.

The .FM top-level domain is available through most ICANN-accredited registrars or worldwide .FM registrar partners. Additional information about .FM domains, domain spotlights, premium domains and more is also available online.